Family Law

If you have become involved in a family law issue, then you will realize that this is one of the most stressful things anyone can go through. Attorney Priscilla Frisby understands that. She wants to help make the process easier for you while helping you assert your rights and get the results you need. Named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers, Tucson family law attorney Priscilla Frisby is competent, experienced and compassionate. She sincerely wants to help you achieve what you and your loved ones need.


Few events in life are more traumatic than the breakup of a marriage, and the issues can seem impossible to resolve. Tucson divorce attorney Priscilla Frisby can help you evaluate the issues objectively, so you can get through the process and move on. Even when it is difficult to imagine an end to the conflict, Priscilla Frisby will step in for you so that she can address the important issues. If you cannot reach a reasonable settlement, she will be there supporting you in court.

Child Custody

Disagreements over child custody are also difficult. Your rights can be adversely affected if you are not represented well in court, and you could end up in a situation that isn’t good for you or your family. Tucson child custody attorney Priscilla Frisby will help you define the issues in a non-emotional way so that your rights can be protected. If you need someone to help with a child custody modification, then she can help assess the circumstances so she can fight for your rights.

Child Support

Children deserve to be supported by both of their parents. Unfortunately, parents can disagree about the fairest way to make that happen. Tucson family law attorney Priscilla Frisby can work with you to help achieve a reasonable outcome when you are involved in a dispute. If you want an advocate who is tough but caring, then call Priscilla Frisby for a free consultation today.