Personal Injury

It’s difficult to plan for the unexpected, and people who suffer an injury often find themselves in difficult health and financial straits. Whether you were injured from a slip and fall, a car accident or another hazard, it’s important that you have an experienced Tucson personal injury attorney to represent your interests. At Priscilla Frisby Attorney at Law PLLC, we help to right wrongs every day by getting you the compensation you deserve.


Car Accidents

Arizona requires motorists to carry liability insurance in case of a loss. It’s also a tort state, which means that demonstrating the other driver’s negligence is important. As your legal counsel, our firm can handle your claim against the insurance company and work toward a reasonable settlement. If they won’t settle fairly, we won’t hesitate to file a civil lawsuit and bring the responsible parties to court.

In a court proceeding, damages are awarded based on the idea of “comparative negligence.” The courts decide on a percentage of your negligence against the other person’s and apply that to a settlement amount. It can be split anywhere from 50-50 to 1-99 percent, depending on how convincingly the facts and arguments are laid out.

Slip and Falls

One of the most common types of injury is from an impact. Slippery surfaces or debris can lead to falls that cause broken bones, soft tissue back injuries and concussions, among other issues. Medical care, rehabilitation and long-term care in the event of a devastating injury can dramatically alter your life.

Many people view damages as simply the expenses associated with paying for treatment and services. The recent information and uncertainty about the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries highlight the point that injured parties benefit from strong, knowledgeable representation. An experienced Tucson personal injury attorney understands that quality of life, lost wages, and many other factors may be included in obtaining a truly fair settlement or judgment on your behalf.

At Priscilla Frisby Attorney at Law PLLC, we practice personal injury law on a daily basis. We believe in helping right wrongs through legal representation.