Many people don’t know that after their first felony conviction, their civil rights are automatically restored without them having to do anything further such as apply to the court for such restoration and have the court sign an order restoring your civil rights.

Arizona Revised Statute 13-907. Automatic restoration of civil rights for first offenders; exception; definition subsection (A) states that “on final discharge, any person who has not previously been convicted of a felony offense shall automatically be restored any civil rights that were lost or suspended as a result of the conviction if the person pays any victim restitution imposed.”

Subsection (B) of the statute goes on to say that “[a] person who is entitled to the restoration of any civil rights pursuant to this section is not required to file an application pursuant to section 13-908.”  Hence the “AUTOMATIC” restoration because you do not need to apply for it.

Although your civil rights are automatically restored under this statute, your right to bear weapons is NOT.  Subsection (C) of the statute specifies that “[t’his section does not apply to a person’s right to possess a firearm as defined in section 13-3101. The court may order the restoration of the right to possess a firearm pursuant to section 13-910.”

For purposes of automatic restoration of civil rights, “final discharge” means the completion of probation or the receipt of an absolute discharge from the state department of corrections or the United States bureau of prisons.